Grand Prix

This is a series of races held during the year and results count towards the club championship. This year best 6 results to count and all those competing in 5 or more events qualify for a commemorative T shirt.  Three separate trophies, Men’s, Women’s and a combined calculated on a handicap basis (Bob Connor Trophy). We encourage all club runners to support these runs wherever possible. The Committee decide which races will be in the series at the beginning of our season and these should only change if the chosen race is withdrawn at short notice.

Please note that it is your own responsibility to ensure that you enter races. Especially, please note that some races have limits on numbers or cut off dates so try to enter as early as possible. If the facility is available and you have to enter on the day, get to the venue early.

Grand Prix 2018 Events Dates for your diary

Date Day Event Link to Entry
1st 18 February Sunday Rugeley 10 miles Rugeley Runners
2nd 11 March Sunday Fradley 10k Fradley 10k
3rd 18 March Sunday Stafford Half Marathon *** Stafford Half Marathon
4th 15 April Sunday Derby 10k Derby 10k
5th 6 May Sunday  Lichfield Half Marathon Lichfield Half Marathon
6th 10 June Sunday Aldridge 10 K Aldridge 10k
7th July Wednesday 5 mile Time Trial Lichfield Running Club
8th 13 August Sunday Burton 10k  Burton 10k
9th September Wednesday 5K Time Trial Lichfield Running Club
10th October Sunday Shelton Striders 10k Shelton 10k
11th November Sunday Flying Fox 10 Flying Fox

Grand Prix 2018 Results

Men’s Trophy 2018

3rd Jon Wolfe                       591points

2nd Richard Bravington     597points

1st Richard O’Sullivan        599 points

Women’s Trophy 2018

3rd Ruth Needham              486 points

2nd Gaynor Webb                588 points

1st Jo Palmer                         598 points

Bob Connor 2018

3rd Richard Bravington        591 points

2nd Jon Wolfe                         596points

1st Richard O’Sullivan           600 points


Grand Prix 2017 Final Results
Fastest 10K in races: Male: Richard O’Sullivan at Fradley with 34:58, Female, Sarah Burton at Derby with 41:19. Fastest Half marathon, Male: Richard O’Sullivan at Stafford with 1:18:34 and Female: Cass Jackson at Kenilworth with 1:44:45. Excellent running. Well done to everyone who took part, especially our winners:

Winner Ladies Sarah Burton         600 points
2nd                    Cass Jackson      596
3rd                    Lorraine Amos   595
Winner Men     Richard O’Sullivan      599
2nd                    Jon Wolfe                  593
3rd                    Jon Corpe                   591

Bob Connor Trophy 2017
Winner             Richard O’Sullivan      600  (Awarded to Nick Parker***)
2nd                    Nick Parker            597
3rd                    Jon Wolfe                  593

*** Due to club rules, we can only award one trophy per member. As Richard, won the Grand Prix competition in 2017, then the Bob Connor trophy will be awarded to Nick Parker.
Final 2017 Grand Prix and Bob Connor Handicap Results

Grand Prix 2016 Final Results
Fastest 10K in races: Male: Richard O’Sullivan 35:45, Female, Sarah Dauncey at Fradley with 39:05. Fastest Half marathon, Male: John Doyle with 1:20:06 and Female: Sarah Dauncey with 1:26:04. Excellent running. Well done to everyone who took part, especially our winners:

Winner Ladies Sarah Dauncey         500 points
2nd                    Emma Funnell             496
3rd                    Ruth Kennedy-Green   492
Winner Men     Richard O’Sullivan      500
2nd                    John Doyle                  499
3rd                    Jon Wolfe                    493

Bob Connor Trophy 2016
Winner             Richard O’Sullivan      500  (Awarded to Jon Wolfe***)
2nd                    Sarah Dauncey            497
3rd                    Nick Parker                   494
*** Due to club rules, we can only award one trophy per member. As Richard, Sarah and Nick have all won a competition in 2016, then the Bob Connor trophy will be awarded to Jon Wolfe who came 4th overall for the Bob Connor competition.
Final 2016 Grand Prix and Bob Connor Results

Grand Prix 2015 Final Results
Well done to all our 2015 winners and everyone taking part in the Grand Prix this year.
Results are as follows:
Mens 1) John Doyle (based on best 10k) 2) Steve Rivers 3) James Coombes
Womens 1) Sarah Dauncey 2) Cass Jackson 3)Emma Fennon
Bob Connor 1) Steve Rivers 2) Sarah Dauncey ) John Doyle
Final 2015 Bob Connor Handicap and Grand Prix results.

Grand Prix 2014 Final Results
Richard O’Sullivan won the men’s competition, with James Coombes and Steve Rivers in second and third place.  Jo Palmer won the ladies Grand Prix, with Cass Jackson and Emma Fennon in second and third place. Steve Rivers won the Bob Connor Handicap, with James Coombes and Richard O’Sullivan in second and third place. Well done to our winners and to all those who took part this year.
Final 2014 Grand Prix Results