Lichfield Half 2021

The club has two different competitions running through the year (February to November).

We have our own club Grand Prix championship with races ranging from 5km to half marathon, and a Time Trial series.

Club members should wear their Lichfield Running Club vest or T shirt when running in any competition events. Failure to do so will result in your time not counting towards the competition.

More and more of our club runners are competing in the various LRC competitions. Results are being published by race organisers very quickly these days and our members are, quite rightly, wanting to know where they stand in the GP competition in a timely fashion. Processing this data can be time consuming and frustrating if our compilers cannot identify our competitors on the organiser’s data. The competition rules are set out and are in operation so that, firstly, EA rules are complied with, secondly, to ensure prompt publication to our members of the state of our internal competition and, thirdly, to ensure that our volunteer compilers can produce results without constantly having to revisit the data. There will be a 7 day period from the date of the event where members can deal with and notify anomalies after which the results will be published, after which only errors by the compilers will be rectified.

*If you are aware that the race organisers have not recorded your details or results accurately please contact the race organisers and LRC’s competition compilers or club secretary no later than 7 days after the race.
*If you are new member and you have entered a race before you became a member but the date of the event is after you have been voted in then please contact the compilers or Club Secretary no later than 7 days after the event to be included in the club results.
* Running with another competitor’s number is absolutely NOT allowed under EA Rules. Most events will allow transfer of numbers and will amend their database if contacted prior to races. This is the only situation where swapped numbers will be acceptable, as the correct runner will be shown on the organiser’s results sheet.

The committee reserves the right to amend these rules as circumstances demand. Any changes will be communicated to the membership via the Competitions section of the official LRC website. For full competition rules please visit Competition Rules.