Health and Safety

The most important part of running outdoors is that we all come back safely.  Therefore, we ask that all members please consider the following.

When running alone or in a group, please consider the following rules of the Highway Code:

  1. Where there is a pavement, use it.
  2. Where there is no pavement, run on the right-hand-side of the road so that you see oncoming traffic and keep close to the side of the road.  Take care at sharp bends and if advantageous use the other side of the road before returning to the right.
  3. Wear or carry something that will help you to be seen (Hi-Viz bib/flashing armband)

With regards to club nights and events, we ask the following:

  • All members please wear emergency contact tags provided by the club or your own.
  • Use of iPods/MP3 players or headphones when running is prohibited.
  • In the dark it is important to wear something with high visibility or with reflective bands/strips.
  • To respect that our club organised sessions are not marshalled, so please take responsibility for your personal safety.
  • Always ensure that everyone in the group is accounted for before heading off – this may mean buddying up with a slower member if necessary.
  • Should you have an accident or fall, please report to the run leader so we can ensure this is documented in an accident form.

Club Etiquette

When there are smaller groups of runners ie Monday night, please note who is running and ensure all runners are counted in at the end.

If you decide to leave a run group early, you MUST inform another runner so the group are not left waiting/looking for you.

High visibility must be worn for each run during the winter months.