Cross-Country Series

5-8 miles of hills, mud and water. The XC races can be very fun and enjoyable events, but are also a chance for runners to run as part of a team field where time does not count.

The overall league is scored on a positional basis; individual times are manually recorded and are used for the Lichfield Running Club’s trophy only.

Best 3 results to count. Single trophy on a handicap basis. An explanation of the handicap system can be found here.

Events for 2024/25: to be announced

Cross Country 2023/4

There were six Cross Country races in the season scattered across the greater Burton-on-Trent area, from the snowfields of Anslow to the dizzying heights of Sinai Park.

Except for the last race at Sinai Park, weather conditions were dry (though not underfoot) throughout the season to the disappointment of Cross Country purists.

Lichfield Running Club provided enough people to meet the minimum number of participants required for men’s and women’s teams and were able to provide at least one veteran runner to make up the mixed team in each of the six races.

The season got off to a good start: LRC finished second in the first race at Anslow.

At the second race Lucy Niemz finished first at Allestree leading the Lichfield Women’s Team into first place. LRC finished second overall and were now first position in the league.

LRC retained first place in the league finishing second at the Christmassiest XC ever back at Anslow Equestrian Centre. There was snow, a stable and, whilst debatable if Lichfield had three wise men, there were enough men and women to make the minimum for a team. Matt Orford finished first giving LRC even more Christmas cheer.

A third place finish at a muddy Boothorpe and a second place finish (with Lichfield men finishing first) at a somehow even muddier Shipley Park kept LRC on a tenuous first place out of twenty clubs in the competition.

With just one race to go Lichfield were 1 point ahead of the second placed team and two points ahead of the third placed team.  As the second team had a lower total score, Lichfield needed to finish ahead of them to win the league.

At the final race to the sound of drizzle falling on the bleating sheep clinging to the slopes of Sinai Park, Matt Orford finished first, leading Lichfield to their first victory of the league, and winning the league itself.

Around forty Lichfield Running Club members took part meaning this league win was truly a team effort.

Lichfield men’s team finished second, tying on points, but being beaten on total score. (It’s not a perfect analogy but think of it as goal difference).

Lichfield women’s team finished fifth.

In the individual categories Esther Hunt was third fastest woman overall and finished first in her age group. Adrian Jelley won his age group.

Special mentions go to Owen Davies, Adrian Jelley, Gillian Peck and Abbi Storer who competed in all six races.

Well done to anyone who made the trip through the snow to Anslow in December. Lichfield entered the minimum numbers of people to make a team.  If just one person hadn’t made it LRC might not be celebrating a league win.

Thanks to everyone who helped with admin, brought cake, transported the gazebo or towed the gazebo transporter out of mud.

Here’s to a similarly successful 2024/2025 season.

Cross country results 2023