Q. I’m new to running and want to join LRC. How much is it and when can I start?
A. We ask all newcomers to come along for a few weeks to find out if they actually enjoy running with us. After 2-3 sessions you should get an idea if it’s for you. You can then print off an application form and hand it in to the membership secretary on Club nights. To start with just email us at membership@lichfield-running-club.co.uk for more information.

Q. What are the membership fees, and are there any other costs involved with joining the Club?
A. Membership for a year costs £37.  For more details on joining LRC see New Members

Q. I’m worried about running with a group. What happens if I can’t keep up and I get left behind?
A. This doesn’t happen. Each group has at least 2 leaders who will ensure that there is someone running at your pace and you are not left alone.

Q. I would like to join a running club but am a bit unfit/overweight/ haven’t run in years. What kind of standard are you looking for? 
A. Well having 2 feet certainly helps but is not always necessary! We cater from the complete beginner right the way through to the seasoned marathoner and all levels in-between. Our Club nights are structured so runners can progress through distance and endurance at their own pace, and we run beginners and novice courses for you to try if you are completely new to running.

Q. Do I come ready to run?
A. Yes – we have a toilet at King Edward’s but no changing facilities. During the autumn and winter periods we ask runners to wear reflective tops and lights.

Q. I’m nervous when approaching large groups. Could someone meet me outside the club for my first night?
A. Of course. We are a large group but very friendly but if you need someone to meet you outside just email in advance and we will have someone meet you.

Q. I can’t make every Wednesday night due to work/ family commitments, is this a problem? 
A. None of us can guarantee that we can make every session. We will be glad to see you when you are able to make it and don’t forget we have other sessions on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays that you might be able to attend. See Weekly Runs for more details. It’s always best to have a few Wednesday night sessions under your belt before you try another session as you will feel more comfortable running with people you know.

Q. Can I enter the Lichfield 10k if I join the club?
A. The Club organises Lichfield 10k and as part of your membership of the club you are expected to contribute by either marshalling on the day or helping out beforehand. Only members in the first year of membership should enter the event. However, if you really wish to enter, please get someone (family member or friend) to help out with marshalling in your place.