The Lichfield Running Club committee meets on a monthly basis to discuss and agree club rules and plan for future exciting developments. To keep up to date on what has been discussed please see the News section.

If you have any comments or would like to get involved please ask a member of the committee.

Lichfield Running Club Committee:

  • Chris Cox – President
  • Martin Shortall – Chairman
  • Phill Brindle – Vice Chairman
  • John Doyle – Secretary (and Director)
  • Gareth Stubbs – Vice Secretary
  • Tim Thacker – Treasurer (and Director)
  • Keith Lowther – Membership Secretary
  • Dave Sanders – Team Captain
  • Hannah McLay – Women’s Captain
  • John Hutchison – 10K Race Director
  • Marian Lowther- Communications Manager
  • Mark Job: Health and Safety
  • Laura Allen – Committee Member/Mental Health Champion
  • Ed Coppinger – Committee Member
  • Richard Hoar – Committee Member

Competition and Results:

  • Dave Sanders
Communications Committee:
  • Marian Lowther
  • Ann Schwarzenbach
  • Phill Brindle
  • Laura Allen