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June 2021: Gate Gallop 10K

This race report covers an actual race with real people racing against each other, a rarity recently. The race is the fourth in the BDSL series and the second off-road race.

What a fantastic day at the races to be had by everyone who signed up to the Tamworth Gate Gallop. For many, it was the first time they had entered a proper race in over a year, and the race start took the full account of the precautions for Covid, by having all the runners grouped into waves of 20-30 based on their predicted finish times and starting 60 seconds apart. The weather was beautiful, if a tad windy, and the course was entertainingly rough underfoot and taxing on the old leg muscles. It was particularly strange at the finish, as two years ago when the race was last staged, the runners were cheered over the line by a raucous crowd; this time it was a very muted affair with no crowds at all. But as we finished in turn, we then all looked out for the LRC shirts and cheered them home.

There were eight representatives of the club on the day, three men and five women. Two runners recorded age gradings in the 70%+ club; Joe Goodwin with 76.32% and Dave Sanders on 70.2%. In the BDSL league, the men finished in positions 13, 22 and 49 out of 102 finishers and in the MV40 age group in positions 2, 7 and 15. The women finished in positions 11, 18, 37, 51 and 62 out of 71 finishers. They finished in positions 3, 5 and 11 for WV35 and positions 5 and 10 in WV50.

The men were all guaranteed podium positions, with there being three runners for the club. Joe Goodwin led the charge for LRC and fought off the challenge of a younger runner with the aid of a well-timed energy gel. Dave Sanders put any recent injury concerns behind him and stormed through to claim second place. Third place was grabbed by Nick Parkes who ran a strong race on an uncompromising course.

For the women, Esther Hunt overcame illness the day before to lead the women home. Second place was taken by Ruth Kennedy-Green who looked fresh as she crossed the line, ready for a second lap? In third place was Helen King, making a deserved appearance on the podium third step.

Well done to Marian Lowther and Ann Schwarzenbach who also took part, finishing first and second in the FV50 group.


Results are below:

Gate Gallop Results


June 2021: Virtual 5 Mile Time Trial

This race report covers the 5-mile TT race in June which is the fourth TT race and the seventh GP race.

The second of the summer’s 5-mile time trial races, hopefully, may be the last ‘not-in-person’ TT race, as we look to reopen actual racing again.

Yet again, there were 22 members (a different mix from the last TT) registering times, with a bias towards the women this time: 10 men and 12 women, with half the women in the V40 category. There were a select four who joined the 70% + club in the age gradings. These were Joe Goodwin (who missed out on 80% + by half a percent), Dave Sanders, Jo Turrell and Keith Lowther.

This time, there were six runners who managed to beat their previous best times over 5 miles. Best improvement was by Jo Turrell who knocked close to two minutes off her time.

The men were headed by Joe Goodwin who flitted around the pancake flat roads in Centrum, Burton. Dave Sanders ran a fast portion of his Sunday long run around the flat roads of Fradley to grab second place and in third, Matt Orford ran a workout of 5 miles on grass as part of his structured training. Joe and Dave commented later on how great it was to be the fastest runners in the club that week!

Esther Hunt ran to Hopwas and back for her longer run and managed to find a 5-mile section to include for this race to finish first. In second place was Radhika McCathie who found a good flat route at Formby in Merseyside and ran 8-minute miles in her quest. Jo Turrell ran the flat roads south of Edingale to finish third overall.

Well done to all who took part.

Results are below:

June 5M TT results 2021

June 2021: Virtual Washlands Relay

The Washlands Relays is a 2-mile virtual relay race where teams of four compete in the inter-club competition. The race is the third in the BDSL series.

Another victim of Covid restrictions, the Washlands Relays became a virtual event where people pushed themselves hard over a 2-mile course of their own choosing. Dave Sanders then grouped the results into the best teams of four runners and submitted them to the BDSL. A group decided to turn the Wednesday session into a full race attempt at the distance, using the loop of roads around Darwin Park for the course. This proved to be most fruitful, with everyone feeling the benefit of actual racing to push on harder.

23 runners entered times to be considered for the team results. There was a massive number of 11 runners who recorded age gradings in the 70%+ club; Joe Goodwin, Hermione Green, Esther Hunt and Dan Floyd all managed to record over 75%. In the BDSL league for the club rankings, the men finished in positions 6, 8, 9, 10, 15 and 16 to give them 2nd place overall. The women finished in positions 2, 5, 37 and 53 to give them 4th place overall. After three races, the men are currently in 3rd and the women in 4th.

For the individual results, the men were headed by Dan Floyd, who bettered his time on the Wednesday with another attempt on the Saturday. In second was Jimmy Pickering who showed that his new-found fast pace extends to the shorter distances too. Third place was won by only one second by Matt Orford over John Doyle. Matt submitted his time from some training runs in preparation for 3k track races.

Hermione Green posted the fastest 2-mile time for the women, using the Wednesday night session to complete her strong time. In second place was Esther Hunt who ran her two miles as part of a 5k race at the Midland Masters track championships where she won the Silver medal. In third place was Ruth Kennedy-Green who ran the same Darwin Park route as Hermione but in a clockwise direction.

Well done to all who took part.

Results may be found below:

2021 Washlands Relay results

May 2021: Virtual 5 mile Time Trial

This race report is for the 5-mile TT race in May, the third TT race.

The first of the summer’s 5-mile time trial races, yet again it had to be a virtual race, but that did not stop many of you donning your racing shoes again to show willing in these difficult times. And what a great turn out from the club with 22 members recording a time with an even split amongst the sexes: 11 of each. There were a mighty 8 who recorded age gradings in the 70%+ club; leading the charge was Hermione Green on 76.78% followed by Darren Leaver on 74.81% and Esther Hunt on 74.00%. Special mention to Jo Turrell who gained 70.19%.

Also, there were eight runners who managed to beat their previous best times over 5 miles. Those times of course now become your targets for next time!

Jimmy Pickering ran a strong sub-30 time around the roads of Fradley to become the first male home, closely followed (virtually) by James Coombes who showed with this run that he had been working diligently at his race fitness. Another attendee at the Fradley route was Dan Turner who ran an impressive 30:50 to finish third.

Hermione Green and Esther Hunt both ran well to make sure their names appeared in the report again. Hermione ran a superb 31:31 around Darwin Park while Esther did hers as part of a tough 10k race at Sutton Park. Cass Jackson ran a fast 5-mile route north of Whittington to secure third place.

Well done to all who took part.

Results are below:

May 5M TT results 2021

May 2021: Virtual race: Abnalls Strava Segment

It is a pleasure to also share with you the Abnalls race report, relating to the sixth event of the 2021 Grand Prix.

Usually a familiar Monday night favourite, 21 club members (c. 50/50 split of male and female) either virtually or in some cases ‘together but socially distanced’, lined up to participate in this Abnalls Strava segment challenge. A most scenic circular run along country lanes on the outskirts of Lichfield (starting and finishing on the Western (not Southgate) by-pass) but also unforgiving with its infamous five hills that greet us along the way!

Firstly I’ll ‘kick off’ to say that there were some outstanding age rankings, with almost 40% of members achieving over 70% based on their running performance!! A big shout out to Joe Goodwin for achieving 82% and Esther Hunt at 78%. Excellent running over a challenging course – well done to everyone who participated.

The race to the top was extremely tight with Dan Floyd pipping Matt Orford to the Abnalls post, ‘coming home’ in first place and first in the Male Senior category in an excellent time of 27:43, with Matt following just 12 seconds later. Joe Goodwin – also first Male Vet 50 – finished third in 29:12. A ‘Sterling’ performance by all.

For the ladies, again we see the first two spots taken by Hermione Green and Esther Hunt who ‘kaned’ it round the segment in 31:18 and 32:43 – all credit to their training plans and commitment as they continue to get quicker. It was also great to see Radhika McCathie take third place finishing the route in 39:54 and also achieving second place in her age category. Well done Radhika, great work! A final call out to Denise Softley too for running an impressive 41:53 to ‘bring it home’ as first Female Vet in her age ranking. Denise has been consistent in her running all throughout lockdown and is currently in training for London in October. I know the heat is making it tougher Denise but keep going – you are doing brilliantly!

Finally, it was great to see Cliff Cartwright completing the course. Cliff is easing back into running after several weeks after recovering from an injury, so it is inspiring to see him back ‘off the bench’ and participating in club events. Well done Cliff!

Results may be found below:

May Abnalls results 2021

May 2021: Uttoxeter Virtual Half Marathon

The Uttoxeter HM race this year was changed, like so many races recently, to a virtual format. Unfortunately, that meant no one got the chance to tackle the steep climb around 8 miles into the course or the 2-mile winding steady climb from Marchington village at the business end of the race. However, it did mean people were free to pick their own personal choice of route, regardless of where they were that weekend, and challenge themselves over a distance that isn’t for the faint hearted. One runner elected to record their run over 200 miles away in the north of Cumbria.

There were 21 runners who lined up at the virtual start line, consisting of 11 men and 10 women. In the age-grading stakes, 4 runners made it over the 70% mark with Esther Hunt leading the women on 76.91% and a new name for the men, Darren Leaver with 76.87%.

In first place for the men was Dave Sanders, showing a return to the kind of form he displayed last year when running the virtual London Marathon. Second place went to Jimmy Pickering who paced Dave round to his fast time, a week after blasting a 78-minute half marathon at Tatton Park. In third was Joe Goodwin who ran his race a day before the other two only to see them post a slightly faster time – races can be won on the tightest of margins!

In another switch of places for the women, Esther Hunt came first and bagged a new personal best time of 1:30:18, knocking nearly 7 minutes off her previous best. Hermione Green followed up her amazing run recently at the Leicestershire HM, with a time of 1:37:48 to finish in second. Extra kudos to Denise Softley, who broke the 2-hour barrier for the first time and came third with a time of 1:54:59.

Well done to everyone who took part.

Results may be viewed here:

Uttoxeter HM Results May 21

April 2021: Virtual 5k Parkrun race

18 club members took to their own ‘park run routes’ for our second 5K virtual challenge of the season, a 40/60% split of male and female runners respectively. In this task we asked runners to race a local park run route of their choice to add a bit of variety into the running programme. Yet again, there were some great running personal achievements. Four of our runners proudly beat their target time – a particular call out to Hazel Moore and Lisa Parry-Wolfe for showing strong improvement in their running performance. There was also some excellent running with regards to age ranking too, with over a third of our members ranking 70% or above. Well done to all of our runners and so encouraging to see some new names out running again.

Dan Turner took the first place home this time, completing his 5K course in just 18:45, and a tight battle for second and third place between our Male Captain and Vice Captain with Joe Goodwin just pipping Dave Sanders to the post in times 19:23 and 19:35 respectively. Dave – you need to get him next time!! All three runners qualified with an age grading of over 72%.

For the ladies, again the first two spots were taken by Hermione Green, completing the course in 20:31 and Esther Hunt in 22:25. Both ladies continue to fly in their running, showing consistently strong performances so all credit to their training and commitment. Also great to see Ruth Kennedy-Green take third place in 25:18.

Overall there were some excellent performances with the top positions in each category. So inspiring to see that we have 4 ladies and 1 man competing in the Vet50 category and that Claire Wheat, as a Vet70, completed the run in 30:45. Brilliant efforts Team LRC.

Apr Parkrun 5k TT results

April 2021: Virtual Conkers 5 Mile race

Results of the recent virtual race, a 5 mile trail/off road/cross country run (completed between 16th and 19th April) may be viewed below. This was held in place of the Conkers 5 mile race,  part of the Burton and District Summer League, in which LRC are competing. 16 club members took part, completing the event over a variety of different trail routes.

Conkers 5M results April 21

April 2021: Cannock Chase Blue Route Off-road (Virtual) Race

In perfect timing for the relaxation of the lockdown rules, this race challenged runners to tackle the same demanding route on Cannock Chase, involving winding trails, a river crossing, never-ending climbs, and a certain degree of self-navigation. Fortunately, the Blue Route is well marked with blue waypoints and arrows along its length, very handy to follow if you manage to start in the right direction.

Nineteen runners made the short trip to the Chase over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, comprising 8 men and 11 women. Due to the non-standard distance, there is no proper age-grading for this race, but we have used a relative method which gave Joseph Goodwin and Esther Hunt as the top two placings in that category.

Coming first for the men was Joseph Goodwin, showing an unnerving liking for hilly challenges and gaining an unusual time of 1 hour 1 minute 1 second. In second place was Jimmy Pickering who raced round it against Dave Sanders who finished third. They both found it somewhat windy in places and tough on the hill which seemed to go on forever…

Hermione Green is proving to be a rising star for the women. After a failed attempt the day before, she took to the course with strong determination alongside Joe Goodwin who failed to shake her off until the hills in the last third of the route. She would have won the crown for the Strava segment but for a mishap on navigation in the last half mile, but she still posted the second fastest time of all entrants. In second place was Esther Hunt who, not being shy of a challenge, took two bites at the cherry ultimately posting a cracking time, knocking half a minute off her first attempt. In third place making a first appearance on the podium on her first entry in this year’s race series was Tamla Short.

Extra big kudos to Owen Davies, who completed the run after a long false start, meaning he was not quite fresh when he came to record his effort. Also, there was a close-run thing between Radhika McCathie, Ruth Kennedy-Green and Hazel Moore, who all finished on the same minute, spaced by 14 seconds!

Well done to everyone who took part.

Full results here:

Cannock Chase Blue Route results FINAL



March 2021: Virtual 10K Time Trial

March 2021: Virtual 10K Time Trial ( Fradley equivalent)

26 runners took part in the first 10K virtual challenge of the season, each completing their own 10K course in fabulous personal times.

Incredibly, 60% of our runners managed to beat their target time – even more challenging when running alone!  There continues to be a good spread of performance based on age grade too – with some great personal achievements across each age group.

Coming home first overall for the club was Dan Floyd with a cracking time of 34:54. Close on Dan’s heels was Matt Orford at 35:32. Both Dan and Matt qualified for an age grading of over 75% which is fantastic running. James Pickering took third place in 36:47 beating his own target time by 3%.

First place for the women was taken by Hermione Green who flew through her 10K course in 40:23, closely followed by Esther Hunt who finished in 40:35. Incredible times with both ladies significantly improving from their target times! Sarah Hayman took third place with a commendable 47:42, brilliant running from Sarah who continues to get faster as she settles back into running again.

Overall there were some excellent performances by all – a special call out for Chris Cox, the only Male Vet 70 to compete and completing the course in 51:30.

Full results can be viewed by clicking on the link below:
Mar 10k GP results 2021