Time Trial Series


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During the year we hold in house Time Trials. These replace the normal Wednesday run on the appropriate days, which are usually the third Wednesday of the month, but are varied to suit other races. During the months when it is dark at 7.30 we use a 5km course which is well lit and in the summer months a 5 mile route which is semi-rural.

**Please note that use of headphones in club events eg time trials  is prohibited, including bone conducting versions** (please refer to our Health and Safety page for more details)

One of the objectives of this series is to allow you to gauge your own level of performance by regularly running the same route.

The scores are calculated on a handicap basis using your actual running time against an individually calculated target time. The winner will be the person who shows most improvement or consistency in the year, so anyone has a chance of winning this trophy. Best 5 results to count. You also need to have volunteered to marshal at one race.


An explanation of the target time can be found here.






Time Trial 2022 Dates for your diary

Date Day Event
1st 16th February Wednesday 5k Time Trial
2nd 20th April Wednesday 5k Time Trial
3rd 25th May Wednesday 5 mile Time Trial
4th 22nd June Wednesday 5 mile Time Trial
5th 13th July Wednesday 5 mile Time Trial
6th 24th August Wednesday 5 mile Time Trial and Grand Prix Series Race
7th 7th September Wednesday 5k Time Trial
8th 12th October Wednesday 5k Time Trial
9th 16th November Wednesday 5k Time Trial and Grand Prix Series Race

Time Trial Results 2021
Final results from the 2021 Time Trial series:

1st:  Lisa Parry-Wolfe
2nd: Pippa Pinches
3rd:  Keith Lowther
2021 Time Trial Results

Time Trial Results 2020
Final results from the 2020 Time Trial series:

1st:  Helen King
2nd: Nick Parkes
3rd: Richard Newman
Final Time Trial Results 2020

Time Trial Results 2019
Final results from the 2019 Time Trial series:

1st:  Chris Cox
2nd: Alexandria Evans
3rd:  Dave Sanders
Final Time Trial Results 2019