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Monthly Committee Update October 2018

October Update for LRC Members

  • LRC 35th anniversary meal is fast approaching. Please confirm with Ann by tomorrow if you want to attend. It’s set to be a great night! Start time is 7pm.
  • Phil Sutcliffe is our new Kit Manager. Please speak to Phil if you need to order any kit.
  • Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is scheduled for 27th November 2018. Please come along and hear an update on everything that happened in 2018 including the results of our competitions. This is also your chance to nominate someone for the club trophies including the Presidents Trophy for outstanding club contribution and the Mike Green Trophy for outstanding running achievement. Note -  you must attend the AGM to nominate someone. The voting for nominees will be done in the two weeks afterwards via email.
  • Have you received a rejection letter for the London Marathon? LRC offers a ballot to allow 1 lucky runner to gain a place and run this iconic event. Please see the Rules section on the website should you want to be considered to enter the ballot. The lucky runner will be announced at the AGM.
  • Our beginners course starts on 17th October. See the website for full details. The beginner’s session starts at 6.20 (for a 6.30 start) – 7.15pm, so this is before the main Wednesday club night. Please let us know if you can help – your support is much appreciated as we were all newbies once.

Thanks and happy running :)

Monthly Committee Update (Sept 2018)

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to make sure that your club is running smoothly. The LRC Committee formally meets each month to discuss lots of topics which are focused on making LRC a great club to be a part of.

Each month we will be updating you on the key topics discussed at the Committee meetings – please see this month’s key topics below.  We want to keep you in the loop as much as we can.

  • As you know, we haven’t been allowed access to the café at Saxon Hill and this will continue until at least November. We do have access to toilets though (by the entrance).
  • There’s an LRC party evening on 20/10/2018 to continue with celebrations for our 35th birthday. Ann has sent an email to provide details.
  • We have an Instagram site which is now live and you can use #lichfieldrunningclub or @lichfieldrunningclub. We love seeing your running photos!
  • Summer is officially over! Monday night Abnalls isn’t safe to run during the darker evenings, so for the next 3 Mondays the run leaders will provide a winter route (around 6miles) starting from Morrisons and running at a 8.30/9min mile pace.


LRC Committee


LRC Family Fun Day!

To celebrate 35 years of LRC, a family fun day was held in May and what a day it was!

The sun was shining, we ate picnic food, played team games and had a fabulous time.

Thank you LRC for providing members and their families with strawberries and cream and the lovely ladies that baked cakes, making our afternoon tea so delicious.

What a fabulous way to mark the clubs 35 year Anniversary celebration especially seeing founder members present.

Even more we’ve raised £131 for St. Giles Hospice to remember another lovely club member who sadly wasn’t with us, but whose dedication to the club and memory lives on.

LRC Members you are awesome, thank you!

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London Marathon 2018

In the year that saw the hottest temperatures on record and Mo Farah beating the 33 year British record, it also saw 12 brave LRC runners successfully complete the 26.2 mile course around the capital. The sweltering race conditions on the day were a far cry from the freezing training conditions that our runners had battled through in the last few months; those icy Wednesday nights seeming like a distant memory.

With 41,000 runners lined up to start the 38th London Marathon, all hopes were that our LRC runners would get around the course safely and ready to share their stories with us all. Many of our runners have raised thousands of pounds for various charities, with a special mention to Charlotte Aspley and Richard Bravington who raised money for St Giles Hospice in memory of Bob Houghton. The heatwave did not stop the LRC runners and they all used their months of training to successfully cross the finish line in style.

There were some fantastic performances on the day, including Steve Rivers who managed a brilliant sub-3 hour time in the toughest of conditions.  A massive well done to all LRC runners and to those who managed to get a TV appearance! James Taylor was spotted cruising down the Mall as he finished the final metres of the race. All runners did fantastically well, it cannot be overstated how much mental and physical resilience is needed to complete a marathon and we are extremely proud of you all.


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Stafford Half Marathon 2018

The latest race in our Grand Prix series was the popular Stafford Half Marathon, which took place on Sunday 15th April 2018. Rescheduled due to the heavy snow, there was still a good turnout of yellow vests and some fantastic performances. Richard Bravington achieved a new half marathon PB with a brilliant time of 1.18.53 and came in 12th position overall. Daniel Floyd was not far behind with a time of 1.22.06 and 20th position overall. First woman home was Ruth Kennedy Green with a time of 1.49.20, very closely followed by Rachel Tole with 1.50.01. A massive well done to all LRC runners who took part!


Summer successes at Burton 10K and Staffs Knot

Summer 2017 has seen some great running from our club members.

In the off-road series John Hayman, Stephen Rivers,Daniel Floyd and Daniel Hurley won the men’s team competition for LRC at the Staffs Knot, a hilly course that’s a regular on our off road series.

Full results can be found at

And in  a repeat result in the Grand Prix series yesterday, Richard O’Sullivan, Brian Sims, John Hayman and Daniel Floyd, also won the men’s team  competition.  Sarah Burton, Cass Jackson and Sonia Short achieved an excellent third place in the ladies’ team competition.

For more information on this race, visit – race photos can be found at

Well done to all our members who took part in these races.

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Aldridge 10K 2017

Our latest Grand Prix event was the Aldridge 10K which is a regular fixture in the series.  This year this was on Sunday 11th June and we had a really good turnout as usual.

We had some fantastic results, with 2nd and 3rd place overall taken by Lichfield Running Club members.  Brian Simms took 2nd and Richard O’Sullivan took 3rd place. Well done!

Particular congratulations also go to Jon Wolfe and Cass Jackson, who came first in their age categories. Cass made it a family affair with her son also coming 3rd in the fun run.

Well done to all our members who took part in this race!

For full results, see

And for more photos and info, check out our facebook page:

Lichfield Half Marathon 2017


The Lichfield Half Marathon is the 5th Grand Prix event this year and was on Sunday 7th May.  It was a beautifully sunny day, which perhaps was appreciated more by the spectators than the runners, as it was quite warm.

As is usual for this race there was a good attendance from our club, with lots of our runners, some very experienced and some less so, all putting in some great performances.2

Well done to our fastest three runners, our top trio of Jons!

Jon Corpe – 1.22.29

Jon Wolfe – 1.23.01

John Hayman – 1.26.13

Well done also to Cass Jackson, our first woman home in a time of 1.47.52


A big well done also to Sarah and Hannah from our improvers group for great efforts on their first half marathon!

The race was not without it’s drama, with an unscheduled train holding runners up halfway round at the level crossing, with many runners held for several minutes.

The full results can be found here:

See below for more event photos:

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Stafford Half 2017

The latest race in our Grand Prix season was the Stafford Half Marathon, on Sunday 19th March 2017.  As ever, this was a really popular race for our members, with lots of yellow vests on display.  We also had fantastic support from other members who weren’t running, as well as plenty of family and friends supporting.  The weather stayed cool and dry, although it was quite windy.  Of the 35 LRC runners, our first men home were Richard O’Sullivan, Andy Walsh and Steve Rivers, with first women back Lorraine Amos, Cass Jackson and Radhika McCathie. A big well done to all our members who competed.  

Results can be found at

For more pictures, see our facebook page.


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Fradley 10K 2017

Sunday 12th March was our latest Grand Prix Event – the Fradley 10K.

As usual for this popular race, there were plenty of yellow vests taking part, with excellent support from our members who weren’t running and their families.  The weather was warm too, many of our members enjoyed getting rid of the long sleeves for one of the first times this year!  We had some fantastic performances, with the honour of our first finishers going to Richard o’Sullivan, Andy Walsh and John Hayman.  Particular congratulations go to Paul Keighley, who came first in his age category! 

Full results can be found at 

Well done to everyone who took part! For more photos see our Facebook page.

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