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January 2022: Cross Country Event 3

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The 3rd leg of the XC series took place at Allestree Park on January 23rd. A merry bunch of 8 runners made the journey up the A38 to Derby with Lauren as supporter filling in for Chris on camera and admin duty. It was beautiful, muddy running weather and the scenery wasn’t too bad either. The biggest turn out overall at the series so far this season!

The course was 2 laps of 3 miles, making it a long one. It was very much an uphill slog for the majority, but the wonderful one mile downhill to finish each lap made it worth it! The ladies made some cracking efforts with Kate leading the team in with a top 25 finish, followed closely by Anna and then Helen. Newbie Kieren smiled the whole way round to finish her first XC race and Marian brought the team home by beating off some South Derbyshire and Smalley Ladies XC.

Sadly we did not have enough men to field a team, however the 3 we had still put on a decent showing. They were led home by Nick who made the whole thing look easier than I’m sure it was. Stephen followed close behind, consistent as ever. And then David brought them in making it 3 top 100 finishers in a tough men’s field on the day! Fruit cake, coffee and biscuits rounded off the experience, a morning well spent by all.


December 2021: Cross Country Event 2


There was a feeling of Groundhog Day as another band of hardy souls attended Wild Wood Lodge, Anslow, and unlike Bill Murray on the aforementioned film, the attendees ‘only’ had to run just over 5 miles cross country and not some of the extraordinary lengths Bill Murray had to go to to leave!

The conditions this time round were drier but no less challenging, with a biting wind and heavier going underfoot. The intrepid band of 5 men and 11 ladies, including several ‘newbies’, set off with a spring in their step to tackle the same course as last time but with added sticky mud!

Leading the men home was John Doyle in 8th followed by Owen Davies (27th), James Taylor (39th), Chris Cheek (55th) and Nick Parkes seeing the men home in 58th.

Sarah Hayman blasted round to finish an amazing 5th for the ladies, followed by Ruth Kennedy-Green (18th), Kate Dell (24th), Denise Softley (31st), Anna Sanders (34th), Jo Turrell (36th), Helen King (37th), Lauren Foulds (43rd), Jane Bradbury (47th), Marian Lowther (49th) and Kim Leary (50th). Fantastic teamwork and packing!!

It was great to see some of the debutants from the last event returning and more ‘newbies’ again, with the ladies definitely showing the men how it is done! Sadly the men did not have enough to complete a team, which was disappointing to see, but kudos to those who did make the effort.

And as ever there was cake!!

October 2021: Cross Country Event 1

252031228_10215846218268079_5775218709645562730_nSunday 31st October saw the return of the cross country season after an extended break due to the pandemic.

A band of hardy souls from the club took everything the weather gods could throw at them (apart from snow and thunder, but let’s not tempt fate eh?) and took on the hilly and saturated course. As the field set off the rain abated, the clouds broke and the sun shone (as much as it can on the last day of October), proving once and for all that the sun does indeed shine on the righteous.

What followed was a 5.5 mile(ish) splash around the fields of Wild Wood Lodge. 3 men in the top 10 and 6 in the top 25 in total proved a strong start for the team: Dan Floyd (ran as a guest – 3rd), John Doyle (7th), James Pickering (8th), Dave Sanders (18th), Owen Davies (19th) and Sean Keeley 23rd). This was rounded off by James Taylor (36th), Chris Cheek (43rd) and David Gould (54th) bringing the men home. In the women’s team Ruth Kennedy-Green started things off with a great 15th place, backed with some good close packing from Radhike Mccathie (24th), Denise Softley (33rd) and Helen King (34th) with debutant Marian Lowther bringing them all home in 49th.

Fantastic running and determination in horrible conditions by everyone, with several experiencing cross country for the first time. And there was cake!!! Results will be posted as soon as they are available.

The next event is scheduled for 5th December. This was due to be held at Cliff Lakes but as this is now not available the interim plan is to hold event 2 at Anslow again, but on a slightly different course. However this could change if another venue is found before then.

Thank you to everyone who attended and for their help on the day. We do hope the torrential rain and hail didn’t put anyone off and would love to see you all again (and more members) at the next event.

October 2021: Presentation Evening

245495129_10161366129429689_8793888323695731858_n 245507558_10161366390569689_8125543925781161576_n 245516877_10161366391344689_6997961390444972620_n 245517203_10161366391194689_6099745065097615348_n 245539119_10161366393574689_8742631731681198608_n 246387701_10161366393799689_3076133274711230548_n 246726364_10161366390414689_5457819880457732151_nLichfield Running Club this year hosted the belated Presentation Evening for 2020 at the newly completed Whittington Golf Club, a beautiful venue, which helped to make a fantastic evening for all. Thanks to all the staff for a great service.

The awards were served up by none other than our favourites, Chris Cox and Martin Shortall, who were hosts for the evening, with Lorraine Amos taking on the role of chief photographer.

Trophies were presented to those placed first, second and third in the Grand Prix (Men: Dan Floyd, James Coombes, Matt Orford; women: Hermione Green, Lorraine Amos, Tamla Short), Time Trial (Helen King, Nick Parkes, Richard Newman) and Cross Country competitions (Ruth Kennedy-Green, Joe Goodwin, Richard Newman), with the Bob Connor Trophy being awarded for the best ‘age-graded’ performance in the Grand Prix (Joe Goodwin, Clare Wheat and Dan Turner in first, second and third positions).

For the 2020 Grand Prix, much of which was held virtually, additional age category trophies were awarded, so there was a bumper crop of deserving winners! Full results can be found on the competition pages.

Last but not least, two trophies were awarded for running performance and outstanding contribution to the club, to Helen King and Dave Sanders respectively. These were nominated and voted for by club members.

A big well done to all of those who took part in the 2020 competitions, and let’s look forward to seeing more awards and new faces for 2021.

October 2021: Lichfield Half Marathon

The 10th Annual Lichfield Half Marathon sponsored by Four Oaks Financial Services took place on Sunday 17th October 2021.

Congratulations to all those that took part!

LRC member results are as follows:

James Coombes – 41st – 01:31:27
Darren Leaver – 73rd – 01:38:32
Gareth Stubbs – 87th – 01:40:02
Phill Brindle – 107th – 01:43:41
Liv Bradley – 165th – 01:50:37
Lisa Parry – 227th – 01:56:09
Louise Hinsley – 228th – 01:56:10
Abigail Kanabar – 258th – 01:58:44
Pippa Pinches – 295th – 02:03:19
Richard Newman – 317th – 02:07:16
Helen King – 325th – 02:08:28
Louise Gillingham – 335th – 02:09:41
Phil Gillingham – 336th – 02:09:41
Lucy Pitcher – 346th – 02:12:07
Mel Farmer – 381st – 02:18:06
Ann Schwarzenbach – 390th – 02:21:18

Amazing effort by all members! Well done all.

Results may be found here:
Lichfield Half Marathon results

Lichfield Half 2021 248335163_4631813090203732_1960153029863755004_n 248032316_4631812960203745_8285812277402719594_n


September 2021: Stafford Half Marathon

Stafford Half 2021

More than 3,000 runners from across the West Midlands and Staffordshire hit the streets of Stafford to take part in the town’s annual half marathon.

A fair few LRC runners took part in the 13.1 mile route around the town.

The results are as follows….

Jimmy Pickering came 13th in 1:20:37
Joe Goodwin came 16th in 1:21:54
Dave Sanders finished 48th in 1:27:47
James Coombes finished 97th in 1:32:07
Ed Coppinger came 122nd in 1:33:42
Chris Cheek came 370th in 1:45:31
James Taylor finished 711th in 1:54:50

Great results, all those that took part. Brilliant efforts!

Results may be found below:

Stafford Half Marathon results

September 2021: Staffordshire Knot 5 Mile Race

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After much lockdown’ness and many deferred race events this year, The Staffordshire Knot 5 miler finally got under way at Cannock Chase.

Overall, it was an excellent turn out from running clubs, as far afield as Stoke!

Very well organised event with superb car park marshalling and then it was straight over to the bib tent to collect your number and complimentary safety pins.

The marshalling and layout of the course was excellently done with a touch of rustic sawdust on the trail route to make arrow signs to help direct the runners.

There was a good turnout from LRC and for a good solid part of the race, runners stayed tightly compact around the course. A number are competing in marathons later this year so the added team support was great for their training.

Basically, a really good evening run and a lovely atmosphere, topped off with a souvenir duffle bag to mark the occasion. A big well done to Hermione Green who finished 5th in the female category and Morgan Bradley who came 28th overall. Here’s the rest of the teams results:-

28th Morgan Bradley 00:32:12
40th Hermione Green 00:34:01
104th Paul Keighley 00:38:54
154th Alan Miles 00:44:07
155th Denise Softley 00:44:14
159th Helen King 00:44:46
162nd Jo Turrell 00:45:20
165th Richard Newman 00:45:56

Results of this race may be found below:

Staffs Knot 5M results