December 2021: Cross Country Event 2


There was a feeling of Groundhog Day as another band of hardy souls attended Wild Wood Lodge, Anslow, and unlike Bill Murray on the aforementioned film, the attendees ‘only’ had to run just over 5 miles cross country and not some of the extraordinary lengths Bill Murray had to go to to leave!

The conditions this time round were drier but no less challenging, with a biting wind and heavier going underfoot. The intrepid band of 5 men and 11 ladies, including several ‘newbies’, set off with a spring in their step to tackle the same course as last time but with added sticky mud!

Leading the men home was John Doyle in 8th followed by Owen Davies (27th), James Taylor (39th), Chris Cheek (55th) and Nick Parkes seeing the men home in 58th.

Sarah Hayman blasted round to finish an amazing 5th for the ladies, followed by Ruth Kennedy-Green (18th), Kate Dell (24th), Denise Softley (31st), Anna Sanders (34th), Jo Turrell (36th), Helen King (37th), Lauren Foulds (43rd), Jane Bradbury (47th), Marian Lowther (49th) and Kim Leary (50th). Fantastic teamwork and packing!!

It was great to see some of the debutants from the last event returning and more ‘newbies’ again, with the ladies definitely showing the men how it is done! Sadly the men did not have enough to complete a team, which was disappointing to see, but kudos to those who did make the effort.

And as ever there was cake!!