June 2023: Washlands Relays

We’re still buzzing about the club’s success last week at the Washlands Relays, with both men’s and women’s teams finishing in first position! As our runners gave their all for the club and their individual teams, we’d like to give them all a shout out this Medal Monday!

Each runner’s time is recorded for the individual competition, as well as being aggregated with those of other team members for the team event.

Here are the individual placings:

1st: Matt Orford, 2nd: Andrew Parkinson,11th: Ryan Simms,12th: Jimmy Pickering, 21st: Dan Turner, 36th: James Coombes, 47th: Dave Sanders, 50th: Konrad Wainaina, 52nd: Ed Foster, 54th: Owen Davies; 66th: Stephen Rivers, 70th: Matt Allen, 80th: Matt Steele, 83rd: Nick Parkes, 93rd: Phill Brindle, 132nd: Stephen Howard, 162nd: Keith Lowther, 179th: Phil Pinney, 180th: Mark Job

2nd: Hermione Knowles, 8th: Esther Hunt, 19th: Hannah Stokes, 42nd: Emily Careless, 53rd: Jessica Webb, 73rd: Sonia Short, 77th: Joanna Alsop, 83rd: Catherine Thompson, 92nd: Vikki Waldron, 95th: Helen King, 97th: Jo Turrell, 101st: Charlotte Walters, 103rd: Abbi Storer, 104th: Ann Bennett, 118th: Mandy Georgiou, 120th: Jane Bradbury, 122nd: Marian Lowther, 125th: Anna Kuciaba, 129th:Ann Schwarzenbach, 134th: Claire Wheat, 137th: Michelle Cooper, 142nd: Charlotte Wesley.

For the team event, out of 56 male/mixed teams, the first 3 LRC male teams were placed 1st, 12th and 14th respectively. Our highest 3 female team finishers came 1st, 17th and 21st out of a field of 37. What a great set of individual and team results!

Thanks to Washlands Women’s Runners for their great organisation and Ian Archer and club members Ed and Mike for the photography!+