March 2021: Virtual 10K Time Trial

March 2021: Virtual 10K Time Trial ( Fradley equivalent)

26 runners took part in the first 10K virtual challenge of the season, each completing their own 10K course in fabulous personal times.

Incredibly, 60% of our runners managed to beat their target time – even more challenging when running alone!  There continues to be a good spread of performance based on age grade too – with some great personal achievements across each age group.

Coming home first overall for the club was Dan Floyd with a cracking time of 34:54. Close on Dan’s heels was Matt Orford at 35:32. Both Dan and Matt qualified for an age grading of over 75% which is fantastic running. James Pickering took third place in 36:47 beating his own target time by 3%.

First place for the women was taken by Hermione Green who flew through her 10K course in 40:23, closely followed by Esther Hunt who finished in 40:35. Incredible times with both ladies significantly improving from their target times! Sarah Hayman took third place with a commendable 47:42, brilliant running from Sarah who continues to get faster as she settles back into running again.

Overall there were some excellent performances by all – a special call out for Chris Cox, the only Male Vet 70 to compete and completing the course in 51:30.

Full results can be viewed by clicking on the link below:
Mar 10k GP results 2021