January 2021: 20:21 Virtual Time Trial

20:21 Virtual Time Trial

This race was a little bit different, in that the challenge was to run as far as you can in 20 minutes 21 seconds, instead of the more usual fastest time over a set distance.

We chose the time of 20:21 to reflect a moving on from the difficult year that was 2020, but also to give a bit of excitement in a month where no races were planned.

And we are pleased to announce that 22 of you found the time and energy between snowfalls and ice blasts to go out and give it your all in that peculiar time slot!

Mother Nature decided to put a damper on things by dropping a ton of snow, causing an inevitable extension of the competition time. After the whiteout, the weather improved to give ideal running conditions and more people went out and showed everyone that they had kept form over the dark days of winter.

The winner for the women was Sarah Hayman who managed 2.75 miles. The men’s competition resulted in a tie for first place between Joseph Goodwin and Thomas Hodgson who ran 3.38 miles.

Full results can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

2021 Challenge Results