Wednesday Sessions

See below for upcoming Wednesday sessions.
We also run on Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays. For details of these regular sessions please see Weekly Runs

Wednesday Evening Sessions

Main club run and a good one to start with. Meet Saxon Hill School at 7.15pm. Run with a group at a pace that suits you or a type of session you think will help your running or make you feel better. Distance varies between 5 and 7 miles depending on the session.

Rough guide to the groups:
Group A: 7 min mile pace.
Group B. 8 min mile pace.
Group C. 9- 10 min mile pace.
Group D. over 10 min mile pace.

The number of groups can vary due to numbers and availability of run leaders. Sometimes groups B and C run together, with easier options for Group C.  Group D will be meeting regularly, doing a session agreed with the leader and those who turn up on the night. This will
often be a steady run but may include intervals/efforts sessions.

Group A 

LRC A Group Training

02/10/2019 – Hills: Dimbles loops
09/10/2019 - Track: Meet at Sutton track for 7:15pm
16/10/2019 – Time Trial 5k
23/10/2019 - Broken Reps: Cricket Lane Loops
30/10/2019 - Fartlek Sessions “last man shouts go” or Steady Run
06/11/2019 – Kenyan Hills: Fosseway
13/11/2019 - Track: Meet at Sutton track for 7:15pm
20/11/2019 – Time Trial 5k
27/11/2019 - Hills: Dimbles loop
04/12/2019 - Pyramids: Cathedral View
11/12/2019 - Track: Meet at Sutton track for 7:15pm
18/12/2019 - Broken Reps: Cricket Lane Loops – 7PM start with a Christmas pint to finish
25/12/2019 – Happy Christmas

Group B

02/10/2019 – Darnford Park Hills
09/10/2019 – Limburg Ave Reps
16/10/2019 – Time Trial 5k
23/10/2019 – Steady Run
30/10/2019 – Britannia Bridge Hill Reps
06/11/2019 – Beech Garden Reps
13/11/2019 – Steady Run
20/11/2019 – Time Trial 5k
27/11/2019 – Falkland Road Hills
04/12/2019 – Cathedral Walk Reps
11/12/2019 – Steady Run
18/12/2019 – Xmas Lights Run
25/12/2019 – Happy Christmas

Group C

02/10/2019 – Steady Run
09/10/2019 – Limburg Ave Reps
16/10/2019 – Time Trial 5k
23/10/2019 – Britannia Bridge Hill Reps
30/10/2019 – Cathedral Walk Efforts
06/11/2019 – Limburg Ave Reps
13/11/2019 – Falkland Road Hills
20/11/2019 – Time Trial 5k
27/11/2019 – Steady Run
04/12/2019 – Cappers Lane Bridge Efforts
11/12/2019 – Cathedral Walk Efforts
18/12/2019 – Xmas Lights Run
25/12/2019 – Happy Christmas

Group D

02/10/2019 – Coached session – week 4
09/10/2019 – Coached session – week 5
16/10/2019 – Time Trial 5k
23/10/2019 – Coached session – week 6
30/10/2019 – Coached session – week 7
06/11/2019 – Coached session – week 8
13/11/2019 – Steady Run
20/11/2019 – Time Trial 5k
27/11/2019 – Britannia Bridge Hill Reps
04/12/2019 – Steady Run
11/12/2019 – Limburg Ave Reps

Group A Session Descriptions

Broken miles = 1200m, rest, 400m intervals.
400m Track session = Beech gardens, track session.
Hill/Downhill session = 3 sets of (6 x 45 Seconds uphill, 45 seconds downhill) with a 3 min rest after each set.
6 mile Fartlek = 6 mile steady run with individual people shouting go for a speed interval.
Pyramids = Intervals lasting (1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 2 min, 1 min) x 2.
Yassoo 800 = 10 x 800m intervals.

General Advice
On Wednesdays there are different groups and these are based on running speed, for practical and safety reasons. The groups are designed to keep people together and this should mean that people don’t get excessively spread out. You can join whichever group you wish.

We also know that lots of runners don’t really know what their running speed is and so find trying to decide which group to join a little confusing. Start with a group you think you can manage. If you don’t know what that is at all, then place yourself in the slowest group. If the pace is too slow, then next week you can go in a faster group. If you start in one group and can’t keep up, don’t worry, there are lots of reasons why this can happen, and we always have a strategy to manage this. With the interval sessions, the best option is to do fewer repetitions. Please do not just jog the repetitions. Talk to your run leader if you need more advice.

Each session is different and so select a session that will help you achieve your goals. Your goal could be to improve your speed, and so you want to run faster. You might want to improve your endurance, and so want to run for longer, or you might wish to go and enjoy a good run and all that information about speed and distance is all a bit academic. It’s up to you. You can change groups between weeks. One week you might wish to try out a faster group. Or you ran a race at the week-end and plan to have an easier session and so go in a slower group. It’s your club and so pick a session that suit your needs.