Off Road Series

32260644_1838724232845979_1098435111403126784_nWhat is says on the tin. Off-road event, can be muddy but many races are fun and we have had some very good reports on the races in the series.

Best 4 results to count.  Single trophy on a handicap basis. An explanation of the handicap system can be found here.

Off Road 2019 Season

13/1/19: Trig point Cannock Chase
23/2/19: Dirty Dozen 12km Race
07/5/19: Kingsbury Classic 10km Race
30/6/19:Tamworth Gate Gallop
24/7/19: Staffs Knot 5m
29/9/19: Robaston 10km
17/11/19: Wrekin Wrecker 12.9km

2019 Off Road Results (to date)

The off road series 2019 has been another interesting series with mud, rain, ditches of doom and horse jumps; we have had it all! Currently Nick Parker is in first, Phil Sutcliffe in second and Jo Palmer in third with only one more race remaining, the Wrekin Wrecker, and boy will it wreck you!

2018 Off Road Results
Off Road Results 2018

Final Results 2017
17 members took part across 7 races. Well done to everyone who took part.
1st    Russell Edmunds    117 points
2nd   Daniel Floyd     116 points
3rd    Phil Sutcliffe     87 points
Final Off Road Results Sept 2017

Final Results 2016
15 members took part across 5 races. Well done to everyone who took part.
1st    Emma Funnel 88 points
2nd   Nick Parker 85 points
3rd    Timon Scheven 84 points
Final Off Road results 2016

Final Results 2015
Well done to our winners for 2015:
1) Alan Pritchard 2) Joanne Morrison 3) Cass Jackson
Final Off Road results 2015

Final Results 2014

The final results for the Off Road series can be found here. Chris Glen was the winner, followed by Ian Robinson and Jon Wolfe. Well done to you three and to all taking part.
Final Off Road results 2014